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Frank L. Christ Outstanding

Learning Center Award

Deadline:  May 31, 2024

Membership to ICLCA is required prior to nominating or applying for an award or grant. An affiliate member must also become a member of ICLCA in order to be eligible for awards and grants.

2021 Award

4 year institution

Tallahassee Community College

Tallahassee, Florida

2021 Award

2 year institution

Marietta College

Marietta, Ohio


Frank Christ was the founder of the Winter Institutes for Learning Assistance Professionals and was actively involved with learning assistance for over 40 years. He was the founder and past coordinator (1972-1990) of the award-winning Learning Assistance Support System at CSU Long Beach. Frank was also a founder and past president of the Western College Reading Association, now known as the College Reading and Learning Association. Frank was a prolific author of books, monographs, and scholarly articles.  Many of his major articles can be found on the Learning Support Center for Higher Education web site at www.lsche.net


The purpose of the ICLCA Frank Christ Outstanding Learning Center Award is to give national recognition to the work done by learning centers and to foster their future growth and development.

Each year, ICLCA may recognize two learning assistance centers for excellence: one two-year college (Technical, Community, etc.) and one four-year college or university. Awards will be announced and presented each year at the annual conference.

general information

Each award winner will receive an engraved plaque. A representative from the winning program is encouraged to be present at the conference where the award will be given. Selected programs must notify ICLCA in writing of award acceptance.

All members are welcome to apply for awards and grants. Membership to ICLCA is required prior to nominating or applying for an award or grant. An affiliate member must also become a member of ICLCA in order to be eligible for awards and grants. International Schools who are members are welcome to apply.

Part of the review criteria is based on the best practices established by Frank Christ which can be found on Learning Support Center for Higher Education, www.lsche.net

Previous first place winners may apply after 5 years have lapsed. Those awarded a placing position may apply after 3 years have lapsed.


    • Complete a cover sheet with name, address, e-mail, fax number and title of center
    • Complete nomination/application letter that summarizes the center strengths and achievements (2 pages maximum)
    • Submit letter of endorsement from the institution's President, Vice- President, Dean, or senior administrator
    • Submit a detailed description of the center following this numbering sequence (10-12 pages max). We are not able to accept materials beyond the 10-12 page limit. However, items for the responses to #8 and #9 are to be included at the end and do not count in the 10-12 page limit.

    1. General

    • Institutional Organizational Chart indicating learning center position
    • Mission Statement with goals and current objectives
    • List center components
    • Staff: List total number and include name, title, rank or campus designation, program responsibility, and whether full or part-time, volunteer, student worker

    2. Clientele

    Number of students your center serves annually and overall size of the institution (i.e. students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni)

    3. Programs and Services

    • List a detailed description of the programs and services of the Center
    • List any program achievements

    4. Technology

    Talk about ways technology is used in the center (i.e. to capture and report data, to enhance individual student learning, to deliver programs and services, to engage students in social media)

    5. Partnering

    Partnerships with other campus departments or area institutions (i.e. orientation, new faculty programs, online students, ESL students, classroom presentations)

    6. Staff Training

    List ways professional development of your staff occurs including any part-time, volunteer or student workers

    7. Certificate and Recognition

    List of publications by staff (books, articles, selective conference presentations) with relevant publication information

    8. Program Evaluation

    Submit an annual report (qualitative, quantitative)

    9. Publicity and Public Relations

    Bookmarks, brochures and/or other promotional materials

    Note: Winners must accept the award at the ICLCA annual conference in person or virtually via phone, Skype, FaceTime, or similar technology.

      For additional information, contact: machcinskik@nclca.org


      2019 Learning Assistance & Resource Center , 4 year -West Chester University, West Chester, PA

      2019 Academic Support Services Center, 2 year, Hudson County Community College, Hudson County, NJ

      2018  Learning Centers, 4 year - Rutgers University of New JerseyNew Brunswick

      2018 Tutorial and Academic Success Center, 2 year -  Pitt Community College, Winterville, NC

      2017  Student Academic Resource Center, 4 year - University of Central Florida, Rebecca Piety, Director 

      2017 Academic Success Center, 2 year -  Bucks County Community College, Nicole Tracey, Director

      2016  Academic Success Center, Kent State University, Stephanie Walker, Director 

      2015 Learning Commons, Davidson County Community College, Elizabeth Kremer, Director

      2015 UK Academic Enhancement, University of Kentucky, James Breslin, Dean of Student Success

      2014 Henry and Edith Cerullo Learning Assistance Center, Bergen Community College, Khairia Fazal, Managing Director
      2014 Panther Academic Support Services
      , University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Johanna Dvorak, Director
      2013 Center for Teaching and Learning, Florida Atlantic University, Jennifer Bebergal, Director of Student Retention
      2013 Office of Academic Services and Testing: Student Academic Success Center, Dutchess Community College, Jennifer Wrage, Director, and Lori Scolaro and Sally Weglinski, Assistant Directors
      2012 Center for Academic Program Support, University of New Mexico, Michelle Steiner, Director
      2012 Learning Center, Lake Sumter State College, Marion Kane, Director
      2011 The Academic Support Center, The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, LTC Jane M. Warner, Director
      2010 Learning Center, Ball State University, Jennifer Haley-Core Studies/SI, Jacqueline Harris-Study Strategies/Writing, and Gary Ritz-Math
      2009 Bernard B. Rinella Jr. Learning Center, Miami University of Ohio, Linda Dixon, Director
      2008 Student Learning Center, Texas A&M University, Karon Mathews, Director
      2007 UT Learning Center, University of Texas at Austin, Alan Constant, Director
      2007 The Academic Support Center, Daytona Beach Community College (now part of Daytona State College), Robin Courtney, Director
      2006 Academic Success Center, Clemson University, M. Elaine Richardson, Director
      2005 Center for Academic Support and Advancement, Indiana University Purdue University Ft. Wayne, Rachelle Darabi, Director
      2005 Center for Academic Planning and Support, New Hampshire Community Technical College (now Great Bay Community College), Sarah Beddingfield, Director
      2004 Center for Academic Success, Louisiana State University, Saundra McGuire, Director, and Melissa Brocato, Assistant Director
      2003 The Student Academic Consulting Center, Baruch College, CUNY, Carol Morgan, Director
      2003 Belleville Campus Success Center, Southwestern Illinois College, Award accepted by Laurie Bingel and Lynne Cross

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