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ICLCA Code of Ethics

As a learning center professional and member of ICLCA, we espouse ethical principles that embody communities of practice, social justice, responsible citizenship, academic integrity, student success, and stewardship to the profession. I agree to uphold and abide by the following ethical statements:

Community of Practice

  • Engage in a community of practice that celebrates our diverse contributions to education and upholding social justice tenets;

Social Justice

  • Uphold the highest level of integrity in organizational and association hiring/selection practices, and help promote the diversification of our employees and members to ensure inclusive representation for our campuses and association;
  • Promoting inclusivity in our global partnerships, state/regional affiliates, and other outreach opportunities;

Responsible Citizenship

  • Recognize, respect, and foster the dignity of all persons I interact with as a learning center professional;

  • Educate myself about potential conflicts of interest and avoid inappropriate relationships that would harm others and tarnish the reputation of our profession; 

Academic Integrity

  • Maintain the highest level of integrity for my work in the learning center and engaging in scholarly discourse, which includes recognition of others’ work and only taking credit for original work that I, or my team, produce;

  • Maintain, store, secure, and dispose of data, records, electronic files, and communications in accordance with any campus, state, or federal laws regarding privacy, FERPA, and ICLCA; 

Student Success

  • Promote and actively contribute to educational initiatives, services, programs, and policies that facilitate student success;

Stewardship to profession

  • Board members, affiliates, and committees will engage in transparent leadership and responsible stewardship of our profession and ICLCA; and
  • Promote the highest standards of our learning centers, profession, and ICLCA through a continuous commitment to educating ourselves and others, reinforcing evidence-based best practices, and upholding all laws that govern the work we do as educators;

Furthermore, as ICLCA board members we recognize the significant stewardship roles we hold, as well as the unique impact we have on the profession and the organization. Ethics and compliance risks are identified, owned, managed, and mitigated by all ICLCA board members.

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