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Chris Gulino

Questions about ICLCA

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Vice President

Amanda Knapp

Questions about the annual ICLCA Conference

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Immediate Past President

Dana Talbert

Questions about Institute and Executive Board elections.

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Juan Jiménez

Questions about conference payments, organization budget, and finances.

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Recording Secretary

Stephanie Walker

Questions about ICLCA Bylaws, Constitution, meeting proceedings.

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Marketing & Publications

Keigh-Cee Bell

Questions about exhibiting at the conference; organization marketing.

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Membership Secretary

P. Brandon Johnson

Questions about conference payment, donation of raffle items or door prizes for conference, organization budget and finances.

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Professional Development

Kaitlyn Crouse-Machcinski

Questions about concurrent and poster sessions for the conference; grants, scholarships and awards; webinars.

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Development Officer

Geoff Bailey

Questions about vendor partnerships, vendor webinars, and revenue generation

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TLAR Editor

Michael Frizell

Questions about publishing in TLAR, The Learning Assistance Review (ICLCA’s professional journal).

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Certification Officer

Jenny Haley

Questions about LCLC (Learning Center Leadership Certification) and LCE (Learning Centers of Excellence).

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Webinar Coordinator

Diana Garland

Questions about webinars.

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Website Coordinator

Mark Woolwine

Questions about the ICLCA Website

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