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past president council

Past Presidents have been active in many areas of the work of ICLCA prior to the official formation of this body. It is the hope of this body that the experience of the past presidents is beneficial to the Executive Board.


The mission of the Past Presidents Council is to serve the ICLCA Executive Board by offering advice, remind the Board of the organization’s history, and work to improve the short-term and long-term goals of the National College Learning Center Association.


May 2019 to present

Alan Craig

Johanna Dvorak

Michael Frizell, Chair

Martin Golson

Jennifer Haley

Jackie Harris

Pat Maher

Mark May

Peg Mitchell

David Reedy

Elaine Richardson

Laura Sanders

Jack Truschel


1. Offer Guidance to the Conference Committee – Consistency across the board.

a. We could serve as the conference committee or support for that committee – could be called upon “in a pinch.” “Conference triage committee.”

b. Another body for quick proposal review, marketing advice/outreach

c. Host a breakfast (mentorship). Seated with new members. More informal than a past president’s session.

2. Update the toolkit, reimaging it as the Resource Handbook for Learning Center Directors – Make information available to new members (and have it automatically sent to when someone joins the organization).

a. “How to” information – quick one-page outlines for tasks common to learning center directors. Bullet points, lists, etc.

b. Quick access to information – easy dissemination of information.

c. David Reedy and Pat Maher are leading the charge to create a new, interactive presentation and information for new directors.

3. A follow-up to the book – As a new member benefit (especially the case studies), this book would help ICLCA fulfill its mission of informing learning center leaders.

a. Case studies for each area – A handbook/user guide.

b. Assessment – A third book? More? Definitely a stand-alone piece. User-friendly. Quick access. Retention and on-time graduation. How does the center “feed” the university? How to share the information (tell your story in a way that makes sense to those outside the center).

c. Information gathering – “aha!” moments from reviews of applications or concurrent sessions could become fodder for articles for the newsletter or TLAR, too.

d. Michael Frizell is spearheading this initiative.

4. Creation of an External Reviewers Resource and Contact Guide: Experienced learning center leaders are often called upon to serve as external reviewers for college learning centers. The Council is developing an outline for such a report as well as a contact guide for schools to select reviewers who suit their needs.

a. Contact Page: List the names, contact information, short bios, and links to the vitae of experienced learning center professionals who can serve as external reviewers.

b. Report: Using the LCE and CAS Standards, create a shell report for use in the field.

c. In Development: Michael Frizell is leading this charge.

i.     Who should be included on the list? Suggestions: Level III and IV certification required.

ii.     Charge for services: Negotiable with the school.

iii.     Guidelines for conducting a review: What should you see? To whom should you speak during the visit? How do you use the guidelines? How do you write an effective report? How do you negotiate an external reviewer contract? How much should you charge in addition to travel, food, and housing expenses?

For more information, please contact the Chair, Michael Frizell: michaelfrizell@nclca.org

President's Council Meeting Minutes

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